The Language of Music

The Music Theory Poster for all Musicians and Instruments

In this one elegant work of poster art all the major elements of music theory are carefully explained. No more searching through music theory books. Just hang it in your music room! A Great Gift for any musician, music student or teacher!

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  • Ties together the relationship between sound and notes on the staff. This is a major element of reading music.

  • Illustrates time in music clearly and beautifully by revealing the rhythmical meaning of notes and rests.

  • Notates all tempo marks so you know exactly at what speed to play.

  • Shows all families of instruments, and their place in an orchestra layout.

  • De-mystifies musical symbols so you play in order and with feeling.

  • Reveals the interrelationship of notes, the building blocks of harmony. Teaches how to build any scale, chord or arpeggio.

  • Unlocks the secret of improvising or "jamming"

  • For all musicians on any instrument


Large 24 X 36 inch size
Easy to read and fits in a standard frame


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